how to change hotstar password

How to Change Hotstar Password: At the moment, Hotstar is India’s most successful OTT platform followed by Amazon Prime Video.

How to Change Hotstar Password

Users can stream video content from Hotstar live using devices such as Amazon Fire TV Stick through its website, iOS and Android app, and on TV.

How to Change Your Hotstar password

How to Change Hotstar Password

The OTT service provides all kinds of exciting content in the form of Hotstar Specials like movies, television shows, web series, sports and original serials. Also, Hotstar has the right to watch the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup on a streaming app in certain countries.

While being a massive TV streaming platform with millions of viewers from around the globe, Hotstar provides some basic security features. Most common problem end-users face is being unable to change their Hotstar account’s password. Besides, Hotstar is not offering the option of logout from all computers, either on the web or on its mobile app.

May I sign out of any Hotstar device here?

Now what is refreshing is the reality that even if you reset or change your Hotstar password, Hotstar does not allow you to sign out of other apps.

Perhaps if anyone receives access to the network to your Hotstar Premium or VIP account, that might be a security issue. You will contact Hotstar in such situations, and ask them to restore your account.

How to Change Your Hotstar Password

If you have a weak password in your Hotstar account, then you must set a secure password right now for better protection. So there is no easy way to change the Hotstar password of, the ‘Forgot Password’ option will do the task… That’s how you can set Hotstar’s new password via its mobile app and web app.

Please note that you will only use an email to change your Hotstar password for the accounts you’ve signed in. If you log in using your mobile phone number, Hotstar will send you a 4-digit verification code when you log in.

Change Hotstar Password

Steps to Changing Hotstar App Password:

  • Use your Smartphone to open the Hotstar app.
  • Click the top left button, and click the name of your account.
  • Click off My Account profile now.
  • Reopen the program, and switch to the page to sign in.
  • Click if you “Had a profile on Facebook / Email.”
  • Insert the email address you entered, and click Continue.
  • Click “Forgot” button on the next page.
  • Go back to your Email and click’ Send Email. ‘
  • Now you will receive an email notification with a link to change Hotstar password.
  • Click the link, insert your new password and press Activate.

Then you also may see a message on opening the reset password link in Gmail “Please install a web browser, and try again.” In such a situation, click the button thoughtfully and copy the URL. Then paste the URL that was copied to Chrome. You’re going to attempt to change your Hotstar password.


How to Change Hotstar Password: We tried to cover all working tips and tricks in this post to change your Hotstar password. The majorities of the methods listed in the post are worked out and tested 100 per cent. Please write to the comment box below for any questions relating How to Change Hotstar Password.

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