Best Startups in Kolkata 2022

Kolkata, the capital of East Bengal, is far more well-known for its delights and lively culture. It is known as India’s eastern and north-eastern financial and economic hub. This city is also renowned as the cultural capital of eastern India, and it is no more just known for its delicious food, tourist attractions, and landmarks.

Over the years, dozens of successful startups have been formed there. Some of them have already gained multibillion-dollar worth. So there is no questioning that Kolkata’s startup culture become unique.

Best Startups in Kolkata 2022

With a thriving start-up environment of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, brilliant mentors, inventors, and a supportive government, the city has been displaying signs of growth.

So, if you’re planning to start your own startup or just want to learn more about Kolkata’s fast-growing startups, here’s a complete list of 8 of them.

1. Arohan Financial

Arohan Financial Services Limited is a renowned non-banking financial company with operations in India’s financially underserved Low Income States. Customers with limited or no access to financial services can turn to Arohan for income-generating loans and other financial inclusion-related goods.

Company Overview of the Arohan Financial Company:

  • Started in: 2006
  • Number of funding rounds: 3
  • Number of investors: 7
  • Number of employees: 1001-5000
  • Funding amount: $19,950,425
  • Founders: Vineet Rai, Shubhankar Sengupta
  • Industries: Financial Services, Finance, Personal Finance


2. Wow! Momo

In 2008 Sagar Daryani and Binod Kumar Homagai, two classmates founded India’s leading Momo chain, and they decided to sell cooked momos. Starting in a shed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, this food service has received a lot of recognition from the public.

From Kolkata, the network extended to Mumbai, Noida, Lucknow, Gurgaon, Chennai, and Delhi. It offers 16 different varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian momos for vegetarians and non-vegetarians together.

Company Overview of the Wow Momo Company:

 Legal Name   Wow Momo Foods Pvt Ltd.
 Industries  Online Ordering & Food Delivery
 Founders  Binod Homegai  & Sagar Daryani
Founded Date        2008
Total Funding Amount        INR 860 Crores
  Investors        Funding

3. Sasta Sundar

Genuine prescription drugs can be purchased online and delivered to your home for no cost. Online pharmacy with the highest reputation and fastest growth in India.

Company Overview of the Sasta Sundar Company:

  • Founders: B L Mittal, Ravi Kant Sharma
  • Industries: Alternative Medicine, Baby, Beauty, Food and Beverage, Health Care, Online Portals, Pharmaceutical, Wellness
  • Started in: 2013
  • Number of funding rounds: 1
  • Number of investors: 1
  • Number of employees: 501-1000
  • Funding amount: $5,000,000


4) Mihup Communications

Mihup, a Voice AI platform for industries such as customer support centres, automotive and television OEMs, was founded in June 2016 and is headquartered in Kolkata.

Company Overview of the Mihup Communications Company:

  • Founders: Sandipan Chattopadhyay, Biplab Chakraborty, Sandipan Mandal, Tapan Barman
  • Industries: Machine Learning, Android, Information Technology, Speech Recognition, Artificial Intelligence.
  • Started on: June 01, 2016
  • Funding amount: $10,000,752
  • Number of funding rounds: 3
  • Number of employees: 11-50
  • Number of investors: 4


5. Suraksha Diagnostics

Suraksha Diagnostics was a very well pathology and radiology diagnostic services company.

Company Overview of the Suraksha Diagnostics Company:

  • Started in: 1992
  • Funding amount: $80,183,541
  • Number of investors: 2
  • Number of funding rounds: 3
  • Industries: Health Diagnostics, Health Care
  • Number of employees: 251-500


6) Glocal Healthcare

A tech-enabled network will make healthcare more affordable, accessible, and accountable worldwide through hospitals, digital pharmacies, and apps.

Company Overview of the Glocal Healthcare Company:

  • Founders: Meleveetil Damodaran, Richa Azim, Sabahat Azim
  • Industries: Health Care
  • Number of investors: 4
  • Number of employees: 1001-5000
  • Founded Date: 2010
  • Number of funding rounds: 5
  • Funding amount: $13,788,696


7. Data Sutram

Data Sutram is a location intelligence firm that uses AI to help organizations access location-based intelligence.

Company Overview of the Data Sutram Company:

  • Started in: 2018
  • Funding amount: $302,067
  • Number of funding rounds: 2
  • Number of employees: 11-50
  • Number of investors: 4
  • Founders: Aisik Paul, Soumik Chakrabarty, Alok Mani, Aishik Pyne, Ankit Das, Rajit Bhattacharya.
  • Industries: Data Integration, Analytics, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, Machine Learning.


8. Asanify

Asanify is an HR SaaS company that handles training & development, HR, and payroll for startups and small businesses.

Company Overview of the Asanify Company:

  • Founder: Priyom Sarkar
  • Industries: E-Learning, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Human Resources, SaaS, Software, Machine Learning.
  • Number of funding rounds: 2
  • Number of investors: 4
  • Number of employees: 1-10
  • Funding amount: $166,757
  • Founded Date: 2019


9. FusionChart

It’s a leading company in an enterprise, with great starting elements for most web and mobile apps. This platform goes much further in terms of assisting developers.

Company Overview of the FusionChart Company:

  • Founder: Pallav Nandani
  • Industries: Business Intelligence & Software
  • Funding amount: NA
  • Founded Date: 2003
  • Legal Name: FushionCharts Private Ltd.


10. Taxmantra

It is a financial start-up based in Kolkata which has been assisting its customers with fundraisers, legal services, cross desk attacks, and effective deals.

Company Overview of the Taxmantra Company:

  • Founder: Alok Patnia
  • Industries: Accounting & Professional Services
  • Funding amount: NA
  • Founded Date: 2009
  • Legal Name: TM Solutions Private Limited
  • Website:


Best Startups in Kolkata 2022: In some aspects, the organizations or start-ups mentioned above are among the best, and they have progressed in recent years as a result of the quality of service they give and the feedback they receive from the customers.

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