8 Best Chatbot Builders For 2022

It’s not surprising that chatbot usage has increased recently. Chatbots save time and money for businesses by providing a complete web of answers to frequently asked questions.

What is Chatbot?

Chatbot or bots is software or a computer program that affects human conversations via text messages or voice commands. The chatbot works as finding information or data and finding the answers to customer questions.

The Chatbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language (NL) processing and machine learning to understand its users or customer questions and their needs. We can see the chatbot on messaging apps or platforms like Facebook, mobile apps, websites, etc.

While using chatbot we have to see the features like email platforms and automatic tools and built-in templates. If these types of options are there then they will be helpful for users.

There are several Chatbot builders, in that we have made our top 8 tools.

1. Flow Xo

            Flow Xo is a full solution for building chatbots and hosting them and installing them across platforms. It is a multi-platform bot builder and it combines more than 100 tools or channels to create a workflow, which means we are not only bound to a few channels like Facebook messenger or any other websites like a telegram. And it has a feature like built-in live chat.

2. Botkit

            Botkit is a free chatbot tool for all to use and it is an open-source builder framework provided by a group of developers. And it requires some basic coding and technical skills to use it fully. It requires some learning about this chatbot before we use it.

3. Pandorabots

            Pandorabots is a large platform for growth/progress and experimenting, but it requires some coding capability and is an open-source platform. We can use this to create chatbots for several purposes. But is difficult for beginners to use this as it requires coding and is only good for experienced users.

4. ManyChat

        Manychat is the best chatbot for messaging platforms and is specially designed for sales and marketing, so you can sell any products and book appointments, and build relationships all through messenger. And you can use this platform to build Facebook, telegram, and Instagram bots.

It comes with in-built templates so that you can create bots easily and easy to use. It has the ability to send notifications. Overall it is the best choice for sales and marketing bots for messaging platforms.

5. Dialogflow

            Dialogflow is a Google-owned framework and it directly connects with Google assistant. The users can communicate in several ways via voice and text-based conversations. You can use one of the advanced Natural language processing to interact. One of the features of this it has strong machine learning capabilities, AI, and Amazon Alexa.

It supports more than 10 languages and also works with several platforms like Slack Facebook messenger etc. It is difficult to use as it requires some coding skills

6. Botsify

            Botsify is a simple and multi-channel platform so, you can create a chatbot for your messenger, website, or slack without coding skills. It combines with multiple platforms like Alexa, and Shopify.  It has features like AI and machine learning, inbuilt templates, and multi-language support.

7. MobileMonkey

            MobileMonkey is a multi-chatbot platform that connects with users/customers via Webchat, Facebook messenger, live chat, SMS bots, and marketing tools. Some of the features of this Chatbot write the chat content once and using it on several chat platforms.

Connect MobileMonkey to any mobile app and with Zapier integrations and others. It has advanced support features for the Mobile Chat app. To use it has specific templates on this platform. MobileMonkey Chatbot lets visitors chat in their preferred messaging platform and it has options like drag and drops chatbot builder and you can select questions, images, gifs, text, forms, etc.

8. Tars

            Tars is a drag and drop chatbot builder that helps you for creating online web site based chatbots and conversation pages for your websites. It is easy to use as it does not require any coding skills or development skills.

It offers more than 900 + inbuilt templates are there for several industries and use cases. Tar’s main focus is on expanding bots that generate leads and include ROI in your marketing efforts – this is something that many bot builders forget.


The finest chatbot providers will make it simple for you to create a chatbot, whether of how you intend to use it for your business. Try out a few of the alternatives below to get a concept of how they work, and then pick the one that best suits your needs.

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