Best New Gmail Features For Business

Gmail is one of the best email services provided by Google which is used to send and receive emails, and block spam. It helps to create an address book and perform email activities.

Best New Gmail Features For Business

Gmail has more Unique features that help to make it one of the most popular email services. In this article, we can discuss the 10 Best New Gmail features that need to know.

1. Dynamic email

Dynamic email is one of the most important features of email. We can call it AMP for email. We can simply define it as when you receive a dynamic email from another Gmail User, just you can open another email and take action without leaving your web browser. For Example, which you take action, Such as Reply to the Invitation, Giving a Comment, etc.,

2. Quick Access Controls

Quick Access Control was possible to right-click on an email in Gmail to take an action quickly, but the list of supported actions grew significantly in 2019. Quick Access Controls feature helps you to move emails to different tabs, assign labels, delete or archive them, or snooze them.

We can perform more actions that are now available when you move your mouse cursor on the email These options include email deleting email archiving, snoozing, and marking as read.

3. Collapsible Side Panel

It’s likely that you’ve already observed that Gmail has a different side panel. Logos for Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Google Tasks can be found in this panel. Download add-ons from the G Suite Marketplace by clicking the Add icon underneath them to expand the panel’s capabilities. Trello for Gmail, Zoom for Gmail, Asana for Gmail, Slack for Gmail, DocuSign for Gmail, and many other add-ons are available.

Gmail add-ons are simple applications available that deliver the most important features in a small package. Rather than opening a new browser tab and login into your Google Calendar, you can try clicking the Google Calendar icon in the side panel to access your calendar right away.

4. Email Snooze

Have you ever got an email, opened it, and realized right away that you may not have enough time to respond? The majority of Gmail users have had similar experiences, which is why Google recently implemented a snoozing function. To utilize it, simply click the small click button that has appeared in the Gmail toolbar.

When you do so, a menu will open with several options for you to choose from. You can snooze the email till later today, tomorrow, this weekend, next week, or any other time in the future you want. The email will then disappear in your inbox, only to reappearance when the moment is right. You can retrieve an email that you unintentionally snoozed from the “All Mail” inbox.

5. Display Density

Several small Gmail new features that we wish to mention but didn’t feel deserved their own sections are included in this section. Gmail now lets people choose between three distinct display layouts. To get to them, select the “Show Density” option from the cog icon in the top right corner. Three alternatives should be offered to you:

  • Default: Allows immediate access to attachments.
  • Before the current redesign of Gmail, this was the default display density. Compact: Shows more emails by reducing the distance between individual emails.

6. Quick Configuration

Gmail has an intimidating number of options to play with, but most users only need a few. Google recently released a new quick settings menu, which includes one of the most regularly used settings options, such as display density, theme, inbox type, and others, to make it much easier for the typical user to personalize Gmail.

The fast settings menu has the advantage of not taking up the full screen, so you can see how each change affects your Gmail inbox right away. The quick settings menu should be available to regular Gmail users, and it should be available to all G Suite customers in the second half of 2020.

7. Search Chips

One of the most fascinating new Gmail additions in 2020 is search chips. They’re simply clicking search filters that appear beneath the search box when you conduct a search, letting the user reduce the number of results pages to a more reasonable quantity.

Only emails with attachments, emails earlier than a specified number of days, or emails sent by a specific person can be found using search chips. Everything you have to do to enable a search chip is clicked on it, and Gmail will handle the rest.

8. Malicious Document Detection

This is one of the most significant new features of Gmail in 2021, despite the fact that you can’t engage with it directly. Gmail, of course, has always scanned emails for malware, but it now has a new weapon in its arsenal: deep learning algorithms.

Google was able to boost its daily detection coverage of Office documents containing malicious scripts by 10% and enhance its detection rate by 150 percent thanks to these methods. To put the final number in context, Google was able to prevent more than 99.9% of threats from reaching Gmail inboxes even before this update.

9. Multiple Email Signatures

Email signatures are a good way to add professionalism and recognition to your emails. While attaching an electronic signature to an email message has long been possible in Gmail, you can now take things a step further by utilizing numerous email signatures for different occasions.

You can, for example, have one email signature for personal messages, another for emails to colleagues and business partners, and yet another for replies. In the Signature area of the General settings tab, you can create numerous signatures and switch between them with a single click on the signature menu in the compose action toolbar.

10. Google Meet

Google Meet is the successor to Google Hangouts and is a video conferencing tool. It was first. offered as a paid service in 2017, but Google has subsequently begun to spread it out to free users by integrating it into Gmail.

Everyone with a Google account can use Google Meet to hold a conference with up to 100 people with no time limits directly from Gmail by clicking a button in the left sidebar. Users of Google Meet can exchange meeting information with guests, tum on or off the microphone and camera, make presentations by sharing their screen, interact with meeting attendees, and more.


We’ve covered ten new Gmail features that Google will push out in 2019, 2020, and 2021 in this article. Dynamic Email, easy-access controls, a collapsible side panel, email snooze, display density options, and other features were among the features we chose. While these are welcome upgrades for most Gmail users, some of the most crucial functions are still lacking, particularly when it comes to email management. Fortunately, Clean Email excels in email management, and it only takes a few clicks to delete unwanted emails with it.

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